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BOATSY's journey began with our deep love for the seas and a shared goal that arose from this passion—to bring innovation to the sailing community. As a team passionate about sailing and with a knack for digital solutions, we were surprised by the lack of maturity in existing platforms within this field, which motivated us to provide a solution.

Peace of Mind

Just as our logo suggests, we aim to tie the knot between various communities of sea lovers. We handle every aspect of a boat trip, ensuring peace of mind both for our guests and boat owners and guaranteeing the best and smoothest sailing experience.

about us crew

Tying the Knot

We leverage technology to do more than just match boats, boat owners, and guests. Our global travel experts curate the world's best 100 sailing routes for our guests, allowing them to explore the most scenic views around the globe with ease. Through meticulous route planning, we provide hosts peace of mind and an opportunity to better serve their guests. Beyond improving individual trips, our aim is to build a community where everyone shares in the love of the sea.

Anchoring Memories

We offer you a warm welcome into our world of sea enthusiasts. Please enjoy our services and contribute to our community to make sailing a perfect getaway for everyone. We are thankful to have you here on BOATSY, where each sea vacation evolves into an unforgettable experience.

The Crew

Alp Öcal
Co-Founder, M.Director
Bertan Aner
Orkun Tekin
Advisory Board Member
Selin Kizil
Product Manager
Arda Sayıner
Communication Adviser
Caner Çay
Boat Rentals