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Since its inception, BOATSY has aimed to connect boat owners with sea enthusiasts looking to rent boats. In the summer of 2024, BOATSY is preparing to bring together global customers with boat owners in Turkey. London-based BOATSY is working with the largest public relations firms and media buying agencies in the UK to promote Turkey and Turkish boat owners internationally, both individually and on an agency level. Explore Now


World’s Best Sailing RoutesWorld’s Best Sailing Routes

This event will be presented in collaboration with Soho House Club and will be offered to club members at club locations. At this event, BOATSY and its exclusive partners will have the opportunity to present the best sailing routes in the countries they serve and promote their services and unique offerings. 

Approximately 100 guests will be hosted at the event, and promotion will be carried out through digital communication channels and the homepage of the Soho House members’ mobile application to ensure maximum visibility. 

During this event, guests will be introduced to the best sailing routes in each region and directed to the boats of our partners that they can easily access through BOATSY. Our partners will have the opportunity to improve how they present their boats and services by focusing on experience-oriented services rather than basic technical data-driven sales processes, and will also have the chance to speak directly with potential customers. 

Join BOATSY partners today and seize the opportunity to introduce your brand and services to the UK market and develop your services in global markets.

Special Campaign for TAV Passport Card Holders from BOATSY!Special Campaign for TAV Passport Card Holders from BOATSY!

Exclusive Campaign for TAV Passport Cardholders from BOATSY!  

BOATSY offers special privileges to TAV Passport Cardholders on boat holiday reservations, Premium Bosphorus tour tickets, and daily boat rentals: 

Boat Holiday Reservations: 

  • 10% discount on boat holidays departing from Greece or Turkey 

  • Free concierge services: 

  1. Crew Ombudsman Service: We are here for your questions and concerns about maritime issues or your route during your holiday. Our professional licensed captains will work closely with your crew to resolve your issues and provide you with the best service.* 

  1. Restaurant Search and Reservation Service: We take the hassle out of finding and reserving restaurants. Share your preferences with us, and our team will recommend the top 10 restaurants that suit your tastes and make reservations on your behalf. 

  1. Ad-Hoc Translation Service: Need translation support? Our translators will assist you in Greek, English, French, and Turkish.** 

Premium Bosphorus Tours: Routes and content created by Saffet Emre Tonguç, presented through a digital guide in 7 different languages. Premium Bosphorus Tours are waiting for you! TAV Passport cardholders receive a 15% discount on these tours, whether by ticket or private charter on motor yachts with a maximum of 15 people. 

For information on the campaigns and to make a reservation, you can contact our advisors dedicated to TAV Passport Cardholders via our WhatsApp line at +441235611680 or by filling out the form below. We will respond to your request as soon as possible. 

Campaign Conditions: 

  1. The campaigns are valid for reservations made between 15.06.2024 and 31.10.2024. 

  1. Members who enter their name-surname, email, country, phone, and TAV Passport card details on the TAV campaign form on the BOATSY website will be contacted by BOATSY as soon as possible. 

  1. BOATSY reserves the right to change the duration and conditions of the campaign. 

*Service is provided during UK business hours; solutions depend on local sea and weather conditions and boat features. 

**Service is provided during UK business hours and phone translation service is limited to a maximum of 2 hours.

What Does BOATSY Offer You?



List your boat in the most effective way using the platform's detailed listing tools and easily reach a wide and quality customer base globally by leveraging BOATSY’s marketing power.


Increased Demand

BOATSY’s smart matching algorithms help customers find you easily and promote you worldwide, assisting in increasing your demand. 


Reward for Your Service

As you use the platform, your visibility and demand volume will increase with the ratings you receive for your quality service. This will lead to increased earnings over time.


Convenient Reservation System

BOATSY offers an optimized reservation system that ensures a seamless holiday experience for both you and your guests. You can easily manage all your reservations and payments digitally, whether from mobile or web.


A Shared Platform with Sea Enthusiasts

Connect with other sea lovers and sailors like yourself to expand your social network, and seize the opportunity to develop your business by connecting with colleagues and crew members, thus growing your network.

BOATSY invites partner boat owners to sail together!

Focusing on growing its boat portfolio primarily in Turkey, BOATSY hosts events in both the UK and Turkey with individual and agency partners. Share your information to get detailed information about the events or to become a part of them.

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BOATSY was established as a platform where both guests and boat owners can share their passion for sailing, going beyond merely improving the boat holiday experience. Targeting a high purchasing power audience in all its efforts, BOATSY aims to expand its boat portfolio, which started with a focus on Turkey, to Greece, Italy, and France, providing quality services to a global audience. BOATSY considers every detail of a boat holiday, offering end-users numerous privileges, including Michelin-starred chef services, custom-designed towels and linens, event organization on boats, and private guides. In addition to these services, BOATSY provides many benefits to its partners who are part of this global network. 

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